Immunity Booster Kit

Designed to defend your body against foreign invasions like bacteria & viruses. Build a strong endurance system. This immunity kit is all you need for your daily dose of fitness. It contains

  • Dhoopan Dravya: Combination of Nimba, Vekhanda, Kapoor, Triphala, Tejpatra, Guggulu etc helps to detoxify the environment at your home.
  • Immunity Capsule: Purifies the blood and eliminates toxins & help protect the body against infections.
  • Inhalation Drop: Protect the body against ainfections & helpS to clear the air passage.
  • Nasal/ Ear drop: This will lubricate the ear/nasal passage and bolster the inner mucus membrane to keep away foreign bodies.

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We at Ayurva, believe “Prevention is better than Cure” and have our belief rightly backed by the example of the recent pandemic COVID-19. To put into simple words, we want you to understand the need for building high endurance and boosting your immunity, right from the start. We want you and your loved ones to prepare yourselves for any future pandemic, to be able to fight the toughest of health battles. In order to help you lead a healthy lifestyle, Ayurva is here with its Immunity Booster Kit.


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