Inhalation & Nasal Drops COMBO (10ML)

  • Ayurva’s drop combo is an Intra-nasal drop that stimulates a broad immune response – neutralizing IgG, mucosal IgA & T cell responses.
  • Local immune responses at the site of the infection (in the nasal mucosa) – essential for blocking both infection & transmission of COVID-19
  • Nasal route has excellent potential for prevention from the corona virus due to organized immune systems of the nasal mucosa
  • Ease of administration & doesn’t require any support from trained healthcare workers
  • It’s non-invasive, needle free & high compliance to all age groups.

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Do You Know?

Nose is the only known route to get infected & spreading the transmission of corona in humans.

Is protecting your nose with Ayurveda remedies a bad idea? We are using masks for protection as well. This certainly helps to stop the transmission of viruses from one to another.  Using 2-2 lukewarm drops of Ayurva’s Nasal drops into both nostrils after morning bath & in the evening will likely prevent infection & transmission. 

Corona Virus stays at para-nasal sinus after entry into the human body for 3-4 days before showing any signs & symptoms. Signs & symptoms start with Sore throat, fever, Dry cough, loss of smell, loss of taste, breathlessness, weakness, diarrhoea & so on…

Corona virus becomes inactive over 70 degree temperature as per current ongoing worldwide research. Increasing human body temperature to kill corona virus is not possible but taking face steam daily will certainly inactive the virus. (As boiling point of water is 100 degree to generate a steam)

Using 2-3 drops of Ayurva inhalation drops for medicated steam will enhance your breathing experience & also help to increase oxygen levels in the body. 

Prevention is the only cure. Let’s boost our immunity & build a strong community!

Please Note –

  1. Ayurva’s Inhalation & Nasal drops are not a vaccine or even drug to treat covid 19 virus, instead these drops help to block the body from absorption of the virus which further stops the spread, transmission & the complications
  2. Clinical trials will be starting soon to check its efficacy. 
  3. Prevention stops transmission & induces speedy recovery in the diseased humans. 


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