Suvarn Prashan

  • Best Memory & Immunity Booster, Rasayan for babies 0 to 16 years.
  • Helps to Improve intellect, digestion, metabolism, physical strength, complexion, fertility & life span.
  • Build brain power, memory in early stages of life.
  • Has antioxidant properties of Gold & herbs which helps to build strong immunity

The administration of processed gold in children is a unique practice mentioned in Ayurveda as “Swarnaprashana” by Acharya Kashyapa thousands of years back. He explained the administration of Swarna (gold) in children for the benefits of improving intellect, digestion and metabolism, physical strength, immunity, complexion, fertility, and life span. There are various formulations of gold and even along with herbal drugs explained by different Acharya for prolonged usage in children. Swarnaprashana in children can be mainly implicated in two contexts of Ayurveda; Lehana(supplementary feeds) and Jatakarma Samskara (newborn care).

This unique formula has been explained wherein gold should be triturated along with honey, and medicated ghee on a clean stone facing eastern direction and made the Shishu (infant) lick the same.


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